Tympani Lambada

Tympani Lambada by the Flaming Lotus Girls is a sculptural embodiment of the structures by which we hear and balance, combining fire, vibration and sound to create an experience rich with visceral sensuality. The bone and membrane of the inner ear’s vestibular system is transformed into steel and fire. Tympani’s steel arches are transformed into the appearance of bone by a custom paint finish, giving the surface a unique tactile experience. This sculpture takes the seldom seen structures we depend on every day and shows them off at a stunning scale.

My roles in the project were designing and managing the building of the electronic fire control systems and mechanical sound effect system; designing the fire effect for the main arches which utilizes a unique venturi and baffle system to create a single blade of flame along the arches; and (for a 2014 reshowing) writing a new Python program to run the fire effects on this and other Flaming Lotus Girl Sculptures.

Photo credit: Joe Dacany of FLG